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Organic Honey
Avni Herbal & Healthcare is a name to trust for buying natural honey for direct consumption or adding into desserts and salads. We have processed and unprocessed, pure and flavored varieties.
Flavored Honey
Honey itself has a mild sweet flavor, and adding more flavor into it is like best of both worlds. People are loving our offered honey in flavors, like lichi, berry, neem and tulsi.
Honey Gift Hampers
Natural raw honey is the purest form of honey one can buy. Not that it is not processed at all, it is filtered to ensure there are no contaminants from the honey extracted from the hive.

Fruits & Honey
Avni Herbal & Healthcare has gone way too far to come up with innovative products. Dehydrated fruits honey is one of our favorite innovations. Many dehydrated fruits are soaked into honey and packaged.
Honeycomb is constructed by honey bees for storing honey and housing larvae. It can be used as a sweetener in desserts, also is useful in promoting heart health, protecting against infections and reducing coughing in children.
Nuskha E Arabia
Nuskha E Arabia is a bottle containing blended ingredients, like honey, fruits, garlic and more. It is a natural cure for obesity and good for heart.

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